July 23, 2012

The Panda Pad is a beautiful notebook, laser engraved and hand crafted in bamboo. Each Panda Pad is precision laser cut from a single piece of FSC certified bamboo and they are hand assembled and finished.

Each pad has it's own unique grain and is handcrafted with care in the workshop in Sydney. The Panda Pad is crafted using 100% renewable energy and FSC certified materials. But the people at Beehive need your help to make this a reality and with your support they can create something special.

Beehive laser cut, engrave and hand craft every single Panda Pad at their workshop in Sydney, Australia and will send your Panda Pad to you, wherever you are in the world.

Beehive is a sustainable design lab based in Sydney, Australia. They use digital manufacturing - laser cutting and 3D printing - to make beautiful things, on demand. You can also visit them and subscribe to their newsletter at

Beehive has many more products scheduled for the next 18 months. You might like to follow their progress by signing up to our monthly inspiration mail. You can choose to have anything engraved on the front - not just your name! As long as the saying, motto, nickname or name fits on 1 line and is no more than 25 characters long (including spaces). There will be 2 different fonts to choose from. If you prefer a plainer look, you also have the option of having your Panda Pad made without the detailed engraving of bamboo shoots that you see running across the bottom of the front cover.

If you would like to plegde to Beehive you can find all the information on


July 23, 2012

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