December 20, 2013

Desktop 3D printers are improving, on almost a daily basis RepRappers and product designers alike find new ways to improve the print quality of the entry-level 3D printers. Simultaneously companies such as colorFabb, Faberdashery and many others are working on way to improve the materials we print with.

The Holy Grail, in terms of materials, for desktop 3D printing is the ability to print with metal. It seems this company, with the help of iMakr VC may have finally cracked it.

Newton 3D claim that their printer can print with precious metal clays: gold, silver, bronze, copper and steel, which are then fired. The parts can also be finished.

The man behind Newton 3D is PhD student Esteban Schunemann, the machine was created as part of his research investigating the possibility of using 3D printing as a means of manufacturing products like jewellery.

The machine is capable of printing in a large range of materials, including but not limited to: rigid polymers, elastic polymers, ceramics and metals. The Newton3D was entered Esteban into the Goldsmiths’ Technological Innovation Award 2013 were Esteban was awarded the joint winner by the Craft and Design Council.

The printer lays down layers of the metal clay with a standard resolution of 400 microns on a build platform of 5in x 5in x 2in though the team are working on expanding this. We’re informed that more information including prices will be coming shortly and the machine should be expected in the first half of 2014.


December 20, 2013

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