April 15, 2013

3D printing gets a new medicinal application almost daily, we’ve had skull implants, orthopaedic insoles, splints, body braces, robotic limbs, bioengineered ears… you name a part of the body and there’ll more than likely be a 3D printed aid. Now it’s the turn of the hip.

Hip replacements have been around for a while now, curing the ills of the elderly and arthritic has almost become routine. Modern hip surgery is now so advanced that one can expect to walk immediately after. But there are some hip ailments too complex for standard surgical practices; 3D printing has swooped to the rescue once more.

The Mayo Clinic have released a film detailing patient, Brook Hayes who weighs just 70lbs has severe deformities affecting her hips which stops her from doing everyday things like walking up stairs. Unfortunately standard hip replacements would not work, however Dr. Christopher Beauchamp is now able to make a custom built replacement using 3D printing.

“You press print and a 3D model is made. It took a very complex reconstructive surgical procedures to a level that it's actually quite a lot easier to do once we have a reconstructive plan that is firmly in place preoperatively.”

Just another in the long line of uses for 3D printing in the medical world.


April 15, 2013

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